By Juno on 24th of January 2012
Yeah! We're recruiting! Please head to recruitment forum if you wanna join! You can read about us on the About Us page shockingly, you can also see our past and current raid progress there too. We're right now at 1/8 DS Heroic and looking for 2 or so dps.

Here's a really chill and cute panda to look at while you contemplate clicking above link.


Alysrazor(HC) & Domo(HC) down!

By Sayana on 30th of August 2011
There once was a guild named Tumbleweed,
Who had a slow newsfeed.
So out went the zero
and in came the hero
To bring you the news that you need...?!

Alysrazor has troubled us a bit
She's annoying like that overlooked zit
So we popped that bitch,
but not without a hitch.
And she didn't drop my offhand, that tit.


So we mounted towards domo
With transition mechanics that are homo.
Combat is gay
fuck parrying in melee
Jake can go suck on this banjo.

But that is enough of my gripe.
We pew pew'd and Ash just mashed swipe.
But with a wind in our backs
we picked up our slack
and downed him after our 3 percent wipe!


Roses are red,
Violets are blue
2 Heroic bosses down in one night
suck on deez nutz firelands!

Good job everyone. <3


By Juno on 11th of July 2011
Hello. Welcome to the Tumbleweed Raiding Update, I'll be your host for today. We managed to kill Alysrazor, oneshot, technically, which was sweet sick nasty with a sprinkle of radness. Everything went perfect, down to a gNome dying and blaming his inadequate funds to purchase a proper personal computer system. 71665 even dropped, sick mount with probably a low drop rate, so now we're special. I recorded the fight but managed to cut out the last part where the rolls happen so no viewer discretion is needed.


Alysrazor dropped 71785 to Squidgoat and 70989 to Ellipsis.

Next up was Staghlem, who wasn't as easy as we were led to believe but he went down nonetheless. Sooo much healing, awesome work Vachella, Surai and Mwng. Great work being parried, melee...


Staghelm dropped 71346 to Sour and 71688 to ... Sour and 71348 to Surai! Congrats everyone to your loots.

Anyway, to get back to the title of this newspost, after Ash murdered me on trash, next up was Ragnaros. We got a few tries in on him and got to Phase 2. Seems pretty doable! Great work everyone and Jeremy.


Kill videos embedded in comments!